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Quotes retrieved on June 05, 2020, 05:46:04 PM CDT

Wheat Down for Weekend
Wheat markets closed in the red on Friday. KC HRW wheat was down the most on the day with losses 9 to 11 cents, which for July meant a 9 cent drop for the week. SRW futures were down by 5 3/4 to 8 1/2 cents on the day, and July was down by a nickel o...
Cotton Higher for Weekend
The cotton markets go into the weekend with gains on Friday. Futures closed the session up by 117 to 179 points. For July futures, that added up to the week’s gain of 4.31 cents/lb. Cotton exports were 1.25m bales in April according to the latest C...
Hog Market Higher before Weekend
June contracts continue to be the exception, with a 97 cent move lower. The other front months closed $0.35 to $1.67 higher on the last trading day of the week. The CME Lean Hog index was down another $1.68 on June 03, to $55.38. USDA National Averag...
Week Ends Higher for Soybeans
The front month soybeans had green candles every day except Monday. For July futures that meant a 3.3% rally from Fri-Fri. Friday trading left the futures UNCH to 3 cents higher, with Jan beans up the most. Soymeal traded 40 to 70 cents/ton lower on ...
Cattle Futures Close in Red
Friday cattle futures were down by triple digits, with June down the most. June contracts were down $1.82 on Friday and down $5.40 on the week. Feeder futures were also down by triple digits, with losses of 55 cents to $1.22. The Feeder Cattle index ...
Corn Higher into Weekend
The late week rally in corn futures left July 2.1% higher week to week. On Friday, the front months closed 2 to 2 1/4 cents higher. Trader estimates ahead of the June supply and demand updates expect the USDA to list new crop corn production at 15.9 ...

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